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La Glace

Commissioned illustrations for a tinbox. 

In the occasion of the 150 years anniversary of La Glace, I was asked to design a tinbox displaying the iconic building of the famous Danish conditori.

The front is showing the facade and the windows looking into the café and the mezzanin. On the backside the windows of the busy bakers in the kitchens of the many floors are visible. 

The tinbox contains coated almonds with tastes of their famous signature layer cakes.


The periodic cake system

Commissioned illustrations made for a poster

Illustrations of 90 cakes and a selection of significant places in the conditori. The illustrations are made for a poster displaying The periodic cake system of La Glace and was also used for a reversal game. 

The products are available at La Glace,

Skoubogade 3, 1158 Copenhagen, Denmark

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