Lonely journey

Comic book / graphic novel


Winner of the Ping prize in the category"Best children-/and young adult publication" 2019. 


The jury writes:

Ida Rørholm Davidsen recieves the Ping Prize for best children- and young adult comic book, because she with her debute Lonely Journey manages to portray young Anna's loneliness and outsider status so that it feels believable, heartbreaking and genuine.

Ida Rørholm Davidsen places Anna in unmanageable, deserted urban landscapes that reflect her state of mind and which stand in contrast to the bright, colorful computer world in which she seeks refuge. It may be a classic tool, but it works really well.

The naive line and the delicate pastels results in an aesthetic that exudes young girl, which emphasizes the artist's loyalty to both the main character and the target group.

Lonely Journey is a sad but really nice comic about loneliness and the feeling of inadequacy, but it is also a comic that gives the reader a glimpse into a youthful life that many can probably nod in recognition of and it has an undercurrent of hope.


The Danish Arts Foundation has granted the project with a debutant scholarship

Lonely journey is published by Forlaget Cobolt in 2018 and will be published in English, Polish and Czech in 2021 by Centrala.

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"'Lonely Journey' could easily have drawn a story in double length, and it would suit Ida Rørholm Davidsen's patient and thoughtful style with room to branch out far."


- Politiken 

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