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Restaurant Lola


Illustrations for website, menu ect. for a restaurant


Illustrations for a visual identity for Restaurant Lola.

The assignment involved illustrations of a front figure; Lola, vignettes for website and printet medias: businesscards, giftcards, menu ect. the graphic layout is developed by Andel. 

Author and food reviewer Martin Kongstad has given the restaurant this review:

“Lola is a tastefully and personally decorated restaurant with an incredibly good location and a kitchen at a high international level at incredibly affordable prices ... and I want to move to Christianshavn alone to be able to get there often. It's been a long time since I went SO uplifted out of a Danish restaurant, yes, it was Noma this autumn. 3 dishes out of 6 are candidates for this year's dish under the auspices of Bearnaise and it was worth noting not dishes you can find anywhere else in the country. Get out there in flocks and buses! It is shockingly good what they perform at Lola! ”

Address: Lille Mølle på Christianshavns Voldgade 54, 1424 Copenhagen K

Restaurant Lola
restaurant lola
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